Commercial Touchscreen Displays

Commercial Touchscreen Displays

image of amt media touchscreen display unit from range of touchscreen displays are perfect for interactive applications in leisure, commerce and education.  They are available in freestanding, wall mounted, trolley mounted and table-top designs.

• Sleek styling, tempered glass fascia, 24/7 operation and ultrawide viewing angle
• Available in wall-mount, freestanding and tabletop models
• Eco-friendly power timer allows auto switch-on & switch-off
• Ideal for public locations as a finger, gloved hand, pen or stylus can be used as a pointer
• Activating the screen requires no pressure, increasing reliability and improving the user experience
• Multi-touch technology allows additional flexibility and functionality
• Ideal for use in corporate, retail, banks, restaurants, bars, cafés, hotels, conference centres, gyms, train/bus stations, travel agents, hospitals, schools, museums, exhibition displays, theatres, cinemas, etc
• Wall mount model available in 32”, 42”, 46”, 55”, 65”, 70”, 82”
• Freestanding model available in 40”, 46” and 55”
• Tabletop model available to order with various mounting options and finishes

image of amt media touchscreen display unit on

For more information on our range of touchscreen displays please contact AMT Media.

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