Stage Curtains

Stage Curtains

Stage curtains and drapes can make all the difference to a production or presentation.

Front of house curtains allow scenery and costume changes to be carried out unseen, as well as providing essential punctuation marks at the start, finish and intermission points in a production.

Rear drapes or curtains allow the depth of the stage to be shortened and enable performers and crew to move from stage left to stage right without being observed.  They also provide a pleasing backdrop.  Special materials can be employed to enhance the effect, including star-cloth and scenery canvas.

Legs are short lengths of curtain to the left and right of the stage, generally fixed, which can be used to narrow the stage and provide a pleasing border if matched to the adjacent materials.  They also allow performers to be on-stage, unobserved, while awaiting their cue.

Blackouts and acoustic materials can be used to exclude light and/or sound and be combined with other materials to be both functional and attractive.

Installation and Track.  We can supply and install a full range of stage curtains and drapes, generally made to order.  We also design and install stage curtain track mechanisms – fixed, manual and electric.

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