Slimline Freestanding Displays

Slimline Freestanding Displays

image of slimline freestanding digital display unit from new range of slimline freestanding displays are literally unmissable.  Elegant design and bright, punchy, high-definition graphics are sure to get your message noticed.  Make no mistake, these displays are nothing like a domestic TV screen!  The bright commercial- grade display panels are designed for 24/7 operation.  A shatter-proof glass fascia protects the screen surface from sticky fingers and more serious damage, while the button-free surround ensures no-one can change the settings.  All models have a built in media player and a lockable compartment to hold a signage player, DVD player, TV tuner, etc.

All models can now be specified with optional cloud-based content management, so you can manage your content from anywhere using LAN, WiFi or even 3G technology.

Available to buy or to hire for short-term requirements, eg exhibitions, product launches and promotions.

• Elegant eye-catching styling, super-slim profile, rounded corners, aluminium framing, button-less tempered glass facia
• 24/7 operation
• High brightness, high contrast, ultra-wide viewing angle
• Built-in media player for simple plug and play operation via a USB stick
• Supplied with FREE N-Dex Digital Poster Software
• Lockable USB compartment prevents unauthorised access
• All models feature a lockable compartment with internal power supply for external media player or small format PC
• Eco-friendly power timer allows auto switch-on & switch-off
• Ideal for use in corporate, retail, banks, restaurants, bars, cafés, hotels, conference centres, gyms, train/bus stations, travel agents, hospitals,
schools, museums, exhibition displays, theatres, cinemas, etc
• Available in 32″, 46” and 55” models

For further information or to order your slimline freestanding displays, contact AMT Media here.

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