Outdoor Digital Posters

Outdoor Digital Posters

image of outdoor digital poster from www.amtmedia.co.uk

Outdoor digital posters are incredibly robust and versatile and can be deployed almost anywhere to get your message in front of your customers.

• Suitable for use in the harshest of outdoor conditions
• Robust outer casing with IP65 rating
• Built-in air-conditioning allows the display to work at optimal temperature in any climate, from -20 to +60˚C
• Roughly 3 times brighter than a standard domestic TV, allowing easy readability in bright conditions
• Designed for 24/7 operation with ultra-wide viewing angle
• Supplied with FREE N-Dex Digital Poster Software
• Lockable compartment with internal power supply for external media player or small format PC
• Ideal for use in corporate, retail, banks, restaurants, bars, cafés, hotels, conference centres, gyms, train/bus stations, travel agents, hospitals, schools, museums, exhibition displays, theatres, cinemas, etc
• Available in 46” and 65” models

For more information on our outdoor digital posters please contact AMT Media.

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